Year 7 Transition


Transition Year 6 to Year 7


In Term Two the transition process begins in earnest. Parents of our year six students will begin the task of selecting the secondary school that they feel is most suited to their individual child’s needs. During this term we are hoping to run a forum for both yourself and your child that will help to address some of the common concerns and issues that arise when a child is starting Secondary School. We are fortunate in Sunbury to have two excellent secondary schools to choose between and I would encourage all parents to take the time to attend the open nights and tours that are available.


To help you through the transition process your first point of call is your child’s classroom teacher either Nicole Langmaid or Damian O’Keefe. They will happily assist you with any queries and keep you informed about the process and the procedures to follow.


 Learning Lounge

One of the common issues that seem to arise in the transition to Secondary School is the issue around being organised and completing homework for the different subjects. This term we will be running a Learning Lounge on a Monday afternoon from 3.15pm -4.15pm, where our students can get a good start on homework that has been given out for the week. The Learning Lounge will operate out of the Community Hub and will be supervised by school staff. Marilyn Bradbury, an ex-teacher and well respected tutor within the Sunbury area will also be present to assist students with any concerns they may have around aspects of home learning. Marilyn’s services come free of charge and are a great learning opportunity for our students. 


Home Tutor

We are also hoping to link our grade six students in to the City Of Hume’s Home Tutor program which can support them in online tutoring around any subject area they need a little more support with. If you wish to find out more about Home Tutor visit the Sunbury Library.