Physical Education

Students at Sunbury Heights Primary School engage in a range of activities during Physical Education to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give children the confidence and motivation to lead active and healthy lives.

Each student participates in a 60 minute weekly lesson, with the students in Years 3 to 6 also participating in an additional 60 minutes of sport.

Perceptual Motor Program (balancing, crawling, walking, climbing) and Fundamental Movement Skills (Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking and Striking) underpin the foundation of the program from Foundation to Years 2, with the progression to specific sporting skills.

In Years 3 to 6 Fundamental Motor Skills reinforce the skills required to learn and participate in minor and major games. These encompass teamwork, game sense, strategy and assist in developing confidence.

Twice a year the Year 5/6 students have the opportunity to represent Sunbury Heights in their selected Winter or Summer Sport and compete against other schools in the area.

We have a great sense of community at Sunbury Heights and pride ourselves on our House Spirit program. The students are provided with various opportunities to represent their House in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country events. 


Reminder - All Children are to wear their runners on their Phys. Ed. /sport day, and have a drink bottle filled with water.

Hats are to be worn to all PE and sport sessions during first and fourth terms.