Year 5-6 Team



Welcome to Grade 5 and Grade 6



Our Grade 5 teachers are Ms Killeen and Mr Uphill. Our Grade 6 teachers are Mr Knight, Ms Kite and Ms Wilson.

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Reading, reading, reading. We love reading in 5/6. The grades are all eagerly enthralled in their class novels and enthusiastic to share what they have read with others. Ask them!



Super, special and sensational writing strategies are our focus in 5/6. It really is the greatest thing in the entire world! These strategies will help to improve writing, reading and general storytelling. How many strategies can you find in this short part?



Add them, subtract them, multiply them, divide them! We are working on all of these operations and hope to be experts soon.



The grade six students partake in a leadership initiative program to aid in the Prep transition into primary school life. The program consists of the grade six students working alongside the prep students to aid in their development and settle into Sunbury Heights Primary School.


A rotation once a week allows all students to work together in programs that consist of ICT, drama, music and art. The benefit for the prep students is it allows them to develop and understand the expectations of all students at Sunbury Heights Primary School, as preps observe how the grade six students perform. It also allows the grade six students the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and problem solving skills before transitioning to high school the following year.