Welcome to STEAM at Sunbury Heights!


Welcome to STEAM at Sunbury Heights!

2020 saw the opening of our new state of the art STEAM room! Students enjoy the contemporary layout, which can be easily rearranged to cater for different units of work and learning styles!

Our exciting, hands-on STEAM program led by Miss Camilleri, covers the specific knowledge and skills found in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics disciplines. It engages students in rich, authentic, real-world investigations that build diverse skills that will be most valued in the future. From flexible and creative problem-solving to critical thinking and reflection, students have the opportunity to grow as they ask questions, take intellectual risks and collaborate with their peers. 

So, what units do we cover in our STEAM program? 

Over a two-year cycle, students cover the curriculum areas of chemical and physical sciences and digital technology with robotics and coding.