School History
Prior to 1977 there were three primary schools in Sunbury, Sunbury Primary, Sunbury West and the recently built Kismet Park.
All of these schools were situated on the north side of Gap Road. New housing estates were being built on the South side but there were no school facilities to support the growing number of families. The need for a school was well founded. The school was completed and opened at the beginning of term 3 in 1981.
To raise further money for the school, a Sunbury Heights Primary School Co-operative Limited was formed, and included two parents who worked in a bank. With other interested parents they set about obtaining a loan.
The co-op asked parents to pay fifty dollars a family to become shareholders, stating they could get their money back when the loan was paid off. The money was to be used to establish the environment both inside and out and to buy resources. This was well accepted and only three people ever asked for their money back.
To establish SHPS the community had to stick up for what they believed was the due to the families to the North of Gap Road. They worked tirelessly, making new friends along the way to make the school what it still is today. A school that will work together like a family to make sure that no child regardless of background or location will miss out on the opportunity of an excellent state school education.
Rod Quarrell  Founding Parent January 2009