Year 4/5 team

Welcome to Year 4/5.

Our teachers are Ms Marks, Mrs Wilson, Ms Mani, Mrs Massaro and Mrs Lewis.

Year 4/5 Curriculum Statement



We love reading in Year 4/5 and we read every day. All classes are set up with a Classroom Library where many interests are catered for. Our students can also borrow from our School Library and sometimes even read books online. Students read independently each day, they also read in groups and also meet with their teacher for conferencing throughout the week. Our teachers encourage a love and appreciation of books and model and explicitly teach strategies to support their reading growth.



Like Independent Reading students are encouraged to have some choice with their topics and texts in Writing. Each week they have scheduled time to pen ideas and record notes in their Writer’s Notebooks, which then develop from seeds into different text types of their interest. We also model explicitly and give feedback on the six writing traits (Organisation, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions and Voice) that writer’s consider when drafting and revising their work. And of course Presentation for the texts that end up published. 



We want to keep students engaged and excited about maths. We start Maths sessions with a number fluency activity to get our brains ready to learn. We cover place value, the four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and counting throughout the year. We also incorporate other areas of Mathematics across the year including measurement, probability, geometry and chance and data. When planning as a team we differentiate tasks to meet students at their level of understanding.


4/5/6 Sport

Students gather in their House Spirit teams each week to participate in a range of sporting activities. In this time they develop skills that link to our Interschool Sport competitions. Teachers help them develop these skills through fun and engaging drills under the guidance of our wonderful Physical Education teacher. Students come prepared to challenge themselves whilst upholding a the school values of respect, responsibility and kindness (just as they do in all areas of their learning).


Respectful Relationships

Positive Coping, Emotional Literacy, Personal Strengths, Problem Solving, Stress Management, Help Seeking, Gender and Identity and Positive Gender Relations are the topics taught as part of the Respectful Relationships program. This program is taught to all students in Victorian schools. We are a Lead School in this area and teachers work together to plan and implement lessons and special events that support this initiative.



Each term the 4/5 students will engage in an Inquiry unit of work that addresses the curriculum areas of Economics, Geography, History, Health, Civics and Citizenship and Science based inquires. Where we are able we also integrate this into our Literacy and Numeracy learning. This year our topics include Priorities Please, Fire, Flood and Drought, I’m An Expert and Young Einstein. We aim to conclude our student’s Inquiry learning with an action or further investigation that is authentic, engaging and of their interest.