Junior School Council


The Junior School Council provides an opportunity for students to experience leadership at school, and to have an input into the development of the school. Students in year six apply to be a member of the Junior School Council.

Junior School Council meetings are held each week on a Friday afternoon.  Following the meeting, Junior School Councillors visit classrooms to talk about school events and to receive any feedback from students.  This year the Junior School Councillors are assisting with the RED Star Award and each Friday they will be verifying challenges met by the students in years three and four.

Each month, the Junior School Council organises a casual dress day. Money raised goes to charities selected by the councillors. In the past we have raised money for:

  • State Schools Relief
  • Royal Children’s Hospital
  • School Vegetable Gardens
  • Daniel Morcombe Foundation
  • Cooper’s Orchard
  • World Vision
  • Diabetes Foundation
  • Women’s Hospital
  • CareWorks