At Sunbury Heights classroom teachers plan in teams.  Weekly planning sessions involve analysing student data and the development of consistent, research based strategies which are used in every classroom.

We have high expectations of our students in all areas of the curriculum.  Classroom work is differentiated to cater for the needs of individual students. 

All students work with the teacher to document their goals and learning progress.


In literacy we;

  • have a clearly documented and sequential curriculum in speaking and listening, reading and writing based on AUSVELS
  • use both formal and informal assessments to drive our teaching
  • employ repeated reading strategies at all year levels
  • place an emphasis on work presentation and neat handwriting
  • explicitly teach phonics, spelling and vocabulary
  • use  John Munro’s high reliability teaching and learning strategies in reading (getting knowledge ready, vocabulary, read aloud, paraphrasing, say questions the text answers, summarising and review
  • regularly involve students in extended periods of silent reading
  • teach specific writing strategies (repetition, simile, alliteration, hyperbole etc.)



In numeracy we;

  • have a clearly documented and sequential curriculum based on The Victorian Curriculum
  • regularly involve students in number fluency activities
  • explicitly teach the language of mathematics
  • use both formal and informal assessments to drive our teaching
  • base our teaching on the work of George Booker
  • assess for misconceptions and resolve issues identified


Social Development

At each year level, students learn about our school values of Kindness, Respect and Responsibility. The 'KEYS TO SUCCESS' are promoted as we believe that if students have the necessary skills to get along with others and are persistent, organised, confident and emotionally resilient, they will have a strong foundation for a successful future. Our students also participate in 'House Spirit' activities to promote a sense of belonging.


Student Leadership is an important part of our curriculum.  Each class, from year three to six has two class captains each semester.  These students are elected by their peers and have extra responsibility in the classroom and the school.


In addition to this, students in year six can apply for the following leadership positions;

School Captain

Junior School Council

Orchard Crew

School Signwriting

Flag Monitor

House Captain

Media Crew

Environment Crew

The RED Star Award is a student achievement award which has been running for several years at Sunbury Heights. This award is for students in years three and four.  Students receive a booklet containing challenges they need to complete.  As each challenge is completed, the students bring evidence of their work to show the Junior School Council members who verify their efforts.


Once students have completed all the challenges they are awarded a RED Star badge.






Support Programs

We have a large number of students who are on the program for students with disabilities and many students who have specific individual learning needs.  Support programs at the school include:

  • speech therapy
  • 100 Reading Lessons
  • social skills
  • Think It Say It
  • Brain Training
  • Science
  • tutoring in English and numeracy


Sport and Physical Education

Students have access to a high quality physical education program.  Class PE sessions are based on fitness and skill development.


We also offer;

  • PMP for students in Foundation
  • Swimming sports for senior students
  • Athletics carnivals
  • Cross country events
  • a school fun run
  • sports clinics



The Arts

Our art room is always a hive of activity with students producing fantastic pieces of art.  Student work is proudly displayed around the school.


We also provide students with opportunities to perform at various events such as our School Concert.


Keyboard and guitar lessons are available from a private provider.