Facebook Page

Sunbury Heights Primary School has its own Facebook page. Our school Facebook page regularly features happenings from around the school. To reach the page, simply click on this link. 

We’re very excited about implementing one of the most powerful communication devices since the telephone and moving forward with the way we connect with modern parents. Research tells us that 70% of all Australians between the ages of 15 to 65 are using Facebook. We also see that in excess of 80% of Facebook users log in everyday. Placing our school communications in a space where our community goes to often makes a lot of sense. We’re also very keen to open up communications and use Facebook’s ability to allow for comments, and if you ‘like’ what we post, we’d love for you to give us a thumbs up too.

We seek your support to make this a positive experience for all our community. We implement a number of controls typically used by other organisations; these controls mean the page will not be as open as say the way a teenager may use Facebook. Even with these controls, it does rely on all of those using the page to do so in a tone and spirit that helps us to build a strong and connected school community. We do want to be good social media role models for our children.