Prep Team


Mrs Kelly, Mrs Fagan and Ms Hanley are our prep teachers at Sunbury Heights Primary School.

It is an exciting term in the Prep area as we learn about 'The Farm'. We will be exploring many different animals that live on a farm, and will investigate the different equipment needed to run a farm. We also get to visit the Collingwood Children’s farm where students get to see, touch and feed some of the animals which they have learnt about.

Stage 2 of the ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’ Program begins this term, revisiting the sounds and characters learnt last term (m, s, f, a p, t, c, i), and introducing new sounds and characters at a faster pace. We are always eager to find out who Milo the Monkey will call next, to come for a play with him on his birthday. Little does he know that they are planning a special birthday surprise!

In Mathematics we will continue to explore numbers 1-20, through hands on learning experiences. Children will be learning to make ‘groups’, as they begin to explore the concept of addition, and we will explore the concept of positional language (in front, beside, next to) through every day activities. O’clock time will also be a focus.

Enjoy reading our Term 3 newsletter.